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can feel the natural beauty and cultural significance of Bulgaria.

All this rolled into one – Documentary series “This is Bulgaria”





“This is Bulgaria” is a series of art documentaries that cover individual topics in the life of Bulgaria throughout the centuries of its existence.

These series were created by a team of Globus Media Group with brand Travel TV.

The series includes 12 short films and one feature-length 90 minute film, which is self-work and summary for Bulgaria.

All films are translated and dubbed in five languages: English, Russian, German, French and Spanish.

Deluxe edition (limited edition): Each film in the series was recorded on a separate disk embedded in a new book. Twelve discs were collected in a luxury binders, resembling the original format of an old edition of the Bulgarian Bible in black with gold lettering and logo of the series “This is Bulgaria”. In the thirteenth disc (bonus disc) attached to series an explanation of all the symbols and marks in a series of ancient symbols and messages, and photos, which can additionally be used as an illustration of the beauty and importance of our country and be used to print various photos / pictures. The disc includes making of the project and rights for use in high-resolution photos from Bulgaria, as well as original recordings of original Bulgarian music. Videokatalogat is circulated in this version of the DVD, BluRay (high definition) discs.





A powerful story about the first settlers in Southeastern Europe’s foggy mountains and on its steep coasts, way back in remote antiquity. The first film in the series “This is Bulgaria”, “Since the Dawn of Time”, tells the tale of the lands that now make up present-day Bulgaria. For centuries on end, these lands have been shrouded in mystery. The latest scientific discoveries cast new light on facts and interconnections, while artifacts discovered recently tell the exciting story of the ancient Thracian, Greek and Roman civilizations, which left behind cultural bridges for their descendants.



“Gleam From The Past” is the second film in the series “This is Bulgaria”. It tells the story of the founding and the rise of the Medieval Bulgarian State. Little has survived of the stone capitals that the first Bulgarian khans and tsars built. But history has preserved memories of a flourishing culture and literature, as well as mighty rulers of mountain fortresses. This is a story about rivalry between powerful empires, about building values that were later adopted by all of Europe, about the glory of Orthodox culture and the tragic end of medieval Bulgaria.



The third film in the series “This is Bulgaria”, “A Tale About Home”, traces the rebuilding of Bulgaria out of the medieval state’s ruins. It is a delicate and rather romantic story celebrating our ancestors’ bravery and their efforts to protect their kin and their past. An account of Bulgarian settlements and their development from the Middle Ages to the Bulgarian Revival, it reveals how contemporary Bulgaria’s colourful architectural landscape took shape.



Bulgaria’s capital is an ancient city that has preserved many centuries of history in its layers, accumulating a unique heritage over time. Diverse cultural influences and various minorities and religions have marked Sofia, turning it into a city “Between East and West”. The fourth film in the series “This is Bulgaria” is a kaleidoscopic but beautiful guide to one of Europe’s oldest cities. It will introduce you to a contemporary Sofia that is both enchanting and unforgettable.



Anyone who has ever witnessed even a little of Bulgaria’s authentic beauty never forgets it. Its relatively small area is home to picturesque mountains, breath-taking river canyons, sea beaches and cozy gorges. Nature has given this country everything one could wish for, and its four seasons provide ever changing and unforgettable views. The fifth film in the series “This is Bulgaria”, “In the Rhythm of the Seasons”, paints a pastel portrait of Bulgaria’s frail natural beauty.



The world of Bulgarian villages is enigmatic and idyllic. Their rhythmic lifestyle is defined by the rotation of the four seasons. Ancient traditions are preserved here, mighty legends abound, and many secrets of Bulgaria’s unwritten history hide in these villages. Nestled in warm mountain folds or somewhere in the fields of Thrace or Dobrudzha, Bulgarian villages still harbour that smell of freshly-baked bread and a motherly embrace, as well as the romance of a life disappearing, yet precious. The sixth film in the series “This is Bulgaria”, “Embers of Memories”, is about the true magic of Bulgarian villages.



More than thirteen centuries have passed since the resilient Bulgarian state was founded south of the Danube. It has lived through many trials and tribulations, yet has managed to preserve its people, traditions and character. And as always with all states, this rise was followed by a fall, and spiritual and cultural awakening came after difficult times. This is why the past has not been forgotten in these lands, and people still cherish their daily rituals and customs. The seventh film in the series “This is Bulgaria”, “Everlasting Traditions”, is a story about the vitality of Bulgarian culture and philosophy, told through the lifestyle and habits of this enigmatic and ancient people.



Bulgaria has given birth to many significant people and has spawned numerous major events. Many of them have changed the course of history, making an impact not only in the country, but far beyond its borders, as well. The eighth film in the series “This is Bulgaria”, “The Spirit Of Bulgarians”, reveals how a worldview, tolerance and harmony with nature fused into a national spirit that has united people in these lands over the centuries. Although built on a mix of paganism, Christianity and various esoteric teachings, the fiery Bulgarian spirit keeps shining brightly amidst the Balkans’ ethnic patchwork.



The history of wine is like a history of the world. The divine drink of the Thracians and their god Dionysus has been worshiped ever since antiquity. In contemporary Bulgaria, wine is a source of national pride, and with good reason. The ninth film in the series “This is Bulgaria” takes you down “On The Road Of Wine”, introducing traditional Bulgarian sorts and experienced vintners who have won international recognition. It is a story about the art of making good wine, the unique local features of the Bulgarian soil, and the taste, characteristics and style of Bulgaria’s best wine regions.



They say Bulgaria is blessed because it has water welling up all over its territory. Therapeutic baths and spa centers have been built around the country’s many mineral springs. The life-giving powers of the local waters were discovered as early as Roman times, and to benefit from the healing energy, the Romans built prosperous cities. The tenth film in the series “This is Bulgaria”, “Water from the Spring of The Time”, reveals scientific facts, bizarre legends and frightening myths tied to the water in these lands. All of them are woven into an exciting story about symbiosis between people and nature, past, present and future.



To the East, Bulgaria is bathed by the waters of the mysterious Black Sea. Myths and legends tell its dramatic tale. Ancient people called it “The Hospitable Sea”. This is probably why the history of coastal settlements was always diverse and dynamic. Today, next to the ancient Thracian and Greek settlements, modern resorts rise, but the idyllic sea views and wild late-night parties are not the only find for all those adventure seekers coming to experience the magic of the gentle sea waters and their mysterious world. “Secrets of a Hospitable Sea” is the eleventh film in the series “This is Bulgaria”.



From the sea coast to the Balkan peaks, through the lands of ancient kings and forgotten heroes – the twelfth film in the series “This is Bulgaria” is a guide for those who love the unconventional. “From Sunrise to Sunrise” touches upon Bulgaria’s magic, but it also reveals the extraordinary story of a nation that likes to have fun, and is good at it. An exciting story that both entertains and enthralls, offering diversity and enrichment in a never-ending rhythm of adventure, music and pure, unadulterated emotion.



“This is Bulgaria” is the first feature-length documentary exclusively devoted to Bulgaria. Shot over the course of three years, entirely in fullHD, it features breath-taking land, aerial and water shots. The colours of the four seasons are revealed in the most beautiful, unknown and mysterious places. Fascinating stories of empires and disasters are mixed with ancient rituals and well-kept secrets. Experience the culture, nature and traditions of an enigmatic people with an extraordinary and intriguing fate.

“This is Bulgaria” is an exquisite gift for representation of each company,

as well as an integral and unique part of the private collection of anyone who loves Bulgaria!


Documentary film series “This is Bulgaria”

There is a place in the world where the mists of spring engulf green mountain peaks, while long-forgotten kings slumber in the valleys below them. A place where the sun illuminates the crumbling ruins of empires that perished long ago and wild forests that still echo with the footsteps of mighty warriors. A land that hides golden treasures. A land of magic, abandoned shrines, spring flowers and small streams that become mighty rivers. A land that combines its vast mountains, fertile plains, steep shores and small mountain villages in a supernatural symbiosis of drama, beauty and grandeur. Such a place always impresses and amazes, and it’s a place you can rediscover every day. This is Bulgaria.

The project “This is Bulgaria” started in 2010 year and managed to achieve what its creators are not and dare to dream: teams anywhere receive support and assistance from the local government institutions and individuals. All are inspired by the idea that will be filmed videokatalog of our country Bulgaria to be able to know each other better and to store information about its riches for the generations that come after us. In “This is Bulgaria” were filmed natural sites, nature reserves, archaeological excavations and of course the people of modern Bulgaria. ….
“This is Bulgaria” consist 12 movies, each one approx. 29 min. long. This is the first documentary series, exclusively devoted to Bulgaria. Shot over the course of three years, entirely in fullHD, it features breath-taking land, aerial and water shots. The colours of the four seasons are revealed in the most beautiful, unknown and mysterious places. Fascinating stories of empires and disasters are mixed with ancient rituals and well-kept secrets. Experience the culture, nature and traditions of an enigmatic people with an extraordinary and intriguing fate.